our breeder philosophy

High drive male black german shepherd dog

Small-scale, family-raised

We limit our females to one litter per year, and no more than 4-5 litters during their lives.  Our girls are family-dogs first and foremost, and this is the healthiest option for them.  We would never put our dogs in a situation that could threaten their health or well-being.

Fewer litters per year also allows us to give every single puppy the love, attention, and socialization time it needs to grow up healthy and happy.  This is especial critical for strong, large breed dogs like the German Shepherd.

German shepherd puppies

socialization and early life

 Puppies are introduced to loud noises, music, children, adults, and car rides at a young age. We believe the extra one-on-one time and socialization guarantees a more trainable, intelligent, and well-adjusted adult.

Few breeders can say this: We are proud of the limited number of puppies we produce!  

Black german shepherd puppy working lines

Health and genetics

 Before we choose to breed any of our dogs, they must pass strict health screenings.  Well-bred German Shepherds are healthy and robust. Still, any responsible breeders must always do their part to improve upon this good foundation.

We use the Orthopedic Foundation of America's (OFA) criteria for hip certification, and all of our dogs are Certified Hip Dysplasia Free at least 4 generations back.

Beautiful black german shepherd puppy breeder

akc registered and health guaranteed

This care and caution with our breeding dogs allows us to offer a 1-year Health Guarantee on all of our puppies.  We are proud to guarantee every puppy free from hereditary or congenital health problems through 12 months of age.

Finally, our dogs are registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC).  We may offer full or partial registration on our puppies, depending on the individual characteristics of the puppy.

High drive black german shepherd dog breeder

European and american Working Lines

 Our dogs come from the best German, Czech, and American working lines.  We believe that the same criteria that we as a breeder use to develop an excellent working dog also happen to make the best family dog and companion around. 

Obedience training black german shepherd female


A desire to please and work hard is deeply ingrained in the German Shepherd Dog.  On top of this, loyalty and devotion to their family is perhaps the most prominent trait in our German Shepherds.